Tooth Extractions

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Extractions in Chicago, IL

Keeping your smile healthy, functional, and beautiful may sometimes mean removing a tooth erupting awkwardly or affected by irreversible infection. At the PerioCare Periodontal Medicine and Dental Implant Surgery, we provide extraction services, including wisdom teeth extractions, for patients all across Chicago. Call our practice to schedule a consultation and examination.

Why Receive an Extraction?

There are generally two main reasons why a patient would need an extraction: (1) a tooth grows in impacted, or (2) a tooth becomes infected and cannot be saved by root canal procedure.

A tooth growing in awkwardly threatens the alignment of surrounding teeth and may cause abnormalities that could damage neighboring structures. Removing the tooth preserves healthy alignment and encourages long-lasting oral health. 

Teeth infected by decay may spread to other areas of the smile if left untreated. An extraction preserves overall health by removing the infection and allowing the site to recover. 

Dr. Cecala is an expert in performing extractions while remaining gentle on the patient and considerate of his or her comfort. We offer several options for sedation, from IV to oral conscious sedation, ensuring patients remain relaxed throughout the entire procedure.

After an Extraction

After removal, Dr. Cecala performs bone grafting to preserve the natural hard tissues and prepare the space for implant placement or other replacement option. An extracted tooth can be replaced with a single-unit implant inserted directly into the gap. A crown restores the chewing surface and completes the tooth replacement.

Following an extraction procedure, patients must be careful to keep the site clean and sanitary. Avoid using a straw to drink liquids, as the suction could reopen the site and increase chances of infection.

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