Surgically Facilitated Orthodontic Treatment (SFOT) Wilcokontics

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Periodontal Accelerated Osteogenic Orthodontics (PAOO) Procedure or Wilckodontics

Wilckodontics or PAOO combines orthodontic treatment and periodontal surgery to facilitate the safe and rapid movement of teeth through the jawbone.

Typically, orthodontic treatment requires one to two years to complete treatment.  Teeth are moved slowly through the bone to prevent damaging the bone and/or roots of the teeth.  If the bone is too thin over the roots moving the teeth can cause a defect in the bone.  If the bone is too dense, moving the teeth can damage the roots of the teeth.  Wilcodontics was created to facilitate the rapid movement of teeth through the bone and reduce the risks of damaging the roots of the teeth.  It can also increase the supporting bone surrounding the teeth.  

This process is accomplished in two ways.  First, small cuts are made in the bone around the roots of the teeth to help facilitate the movement of the roots through the bone.  Second, a bone graft is placed over the roots of the teeth that in time converts to the patient’s own natural bone.  This helps maintain the integrity of the jaws and, in complicated cases, adds additional support for the lips, which can help provide a more stable orthodontic result.  Orthodontic treatment provided using the Wilcodontics technique might be completed in six to nine months.  

Results can vary based on specifics and severity of each case.


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