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Sinus Grafts in Chicago

When patients are missing teeth, their best option is to replace them wholly and promptly. With dental implants, patients can replace their teeth permanently and comprehensively. 

Patients seeking dental implants may have suffered from bone resorption, a process by which the jaw bone shrinks in size due to lack of stimulation. Because the sinus cavity is so close to the upper jaw bone, it is imperative that this area is protected by adequate bone mass. At PerioCare Periodontal Medicine and Implant Surgery, we prepare patients with sinus graft procedures before the placement of a dental implant, if necessary. 

Russell Cecala, DDS, MS, is a skilled oral surgeon with the experience and delicate touch necessary to produce quality results from a sinus graft. From your first consultation to your last restoration placement, Dr. Cecala ensures your procedure is satisfactory. Sinus grafts are one step along the way to a patient’s restored smile. 

What is a Sinus Graft? 

Sinus grafts are sometimes necessary procedures on the path to dental implants. When patients need teeth replaced on their upper jaw, also known as the maxilla, it’s important that their sinus cavity remains protected. With missing teeth, the jaw bone shrinks over time, leaving little space to support an implant post. This is where a sinus graft can make all the difference. 

Multiple Methods for Stellar Results

Dr. Cecala is proficient in various methods of sinus grafting. One such method is the traditional sinus augmentation, also known as the lateral window technique. After lifting the sinus, Dr. Celaca will encourage bone growth by inserting bone graft material. 

Another option is the osteome technique, which involves encouraging the growth of the sinus floor in order to support an implant. 

Lastly, we can also choose to perform hydraulic sinus condensing. This method uses pressure to simultaneously lift the sinus and place the implant post. 

At PerioCare, we always thoroughly examine patients to determine which treatment methods work best for them. A patient’s individual needs indicate what method works best for them.

High Success Rates and Happy Patients

Our practice is proud of our high success rate and degree of patient satisfaction. Our patients can trust our implants to last upwards up to a lifetime with high success rate. This is because we take the time to ensure the integrity of the oral structure is not compromised, including the sinus floor. 

Recovery Expectations 

Because our team is so invested in the oral health of our patients and the success of their dental implants, we enforce strict recovery periods before we place our final restorations upon dental implant posts. 

Sinus graft patients can generally expect a three-to-six month healing period, depending on their individual anatomy and specific treatment method. It’s imperative that the bone graft material is fully integrated before we can place the dental implant. 

For Sinus Grafts in Chicago, Choose Dr. Cecala 

PerioCare is an established provider of sinus graft surgeries. We can provide our patients with the healthy, full, restored smiles of their dreams. If you have more questions about sinus grafts or any of our other services, please feel free to give us a call. We look forward to working with you!


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