Gum Surgery

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Gum Surgery in Chicago

The gums are delicate soft tissues that provide structural support and protect the tooth roots. It’s imperative the gums are restored to health when affected by decay or trauma.  Russell Cecala, DDS, MS, provides surgical gum procedures to help patients in the greater Chicago area reach their optimal oral health. 

Patients in Park Ridge, Edgebrook, Niles, Des Plaines, and Norridge come to our practice for gum surgery from a board-certified and highly-educated provider. PerioCare Periodontal Medicine and Dental Implant Surgery provides the following surgical gum procedures: 

  • gum disease treatment 
  • periodontal care
  • cosmetic gum surgery 
  • gum grafts 

Gentle Yet Effective Gum Rejuvenation

Gums may recede over time due to trauma, decay, or age. With our delicate pinhole gum rejuvenation technique, we can return the gums to a youthful fullness with no unsightly stitching. 

Dr. Cecala will make a small, pinhole-sized incision in the gums. After creating a small pocket, he will insert platelet-rich plasma that encourages the growth of new tissue. Gum rejuvenation procedures using this technique heal quickly and have a high success rate.  

Laser Assisted Gum Contouring 

In the case of a gummy smile, Dr. Cecala can expertly contour an attractive gum line. His advanced Biolase Waterlase™ laser can remove excess tissue and shape the remaining tissue into your most attractive smile yet. 

Laser-assisted gum contouring offers a host of advantages over traditional methods. Because of the laser’s inherently antibacterial and antiseptic nature, our gingival contouring procedures heal quickly and produce beautiful results.

Periodontal Disease Care

Those with a weakened immune system or hypersensitive gum tissues may be prone to periodontal disease. This can cause bad breath, bleeding gums, and eventual tooth loss. 

At PerioCare, we provide our patients with regular preventive care and expertise in periodontal disease management. With our advanced laser technology, we can deep clean and sanitize below the gum line. Our laser has regenerative settings that encourage the gum line to reattach to the tooth root if separated. 

With proper at-home care techniques and regular visits to Dr. Cecala, patients can reach their optimal oral health. 

Choose PerioCare for Top Quality Periodontal Care   

Our newly renovated Chicago dental practice is equipped with the latest technologies. When you receive care in one of our five spacious operatories, you can trust Dr. Cecala to use only the highest quality materials and the latest techniques. Gum surgery procedures from PerioCare are highly successful; we therefore have a high patient satisfaction rate.

Healthy Smiles

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